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Broken heart coaching

Truly say goodbye to your relationship, rebalance your emotions and regain control over your life with my transformational program Unbreak Your Heart.

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In ten weeks you will feel

strong, confident and productive.

In this moment your heart is broken.

It feels as if your life has fallen apart.


This stops today!



Together we will transform you

from miserable to radiantly happy.

From a painfully broken heart

A broken heart is one of the most painful experiences you can have. You experience intense sadness, pain, rage, insecurity, loneliness, doubt and shame.

To completely healed

This deep sadness, the uncertainty, this feeling of being lost are over. You are happy and you feel strong. Your heart is healed.

From victom of your emotions

Either you feel like you are swept away by your emotions and you feel completely lost in these. Or you feel numb and disconnect from your own feelings. There is no balance in your emotional life.

To you and your emotions balanced

Your emotions feed and strengthen you. Because of this you feel balanced.

From continues self critisicm

You withhold yourself love. The most powerful voice in your mind is the one with criticism and doubt. You feel bad about the way you look, your choices, how you present yourself to the world around you.


To a strong an loving relationship with yourself

You are in a strong, loving relationship with yourself. By finding solidity in yourself, you are not dependent on someone else’s love. And because you give yourself so much love, you won’t settle for less from the people around you.

From endless doubts

You don’t know what you want, you can never decide anything, your thoughts go round and round in your mind.

To realising your desires

You trust your senses. Because of this your mind is quiet. You know what you desire in your life and you create this.

From distracted worker

At work you are not able to concentrate, you’re no longer innovative and you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. You feel like you’re falling short every day and your career is at a stand still.

To productivity and satisfaction about what you create

Your concentration and motivation are back. Your interest in your job is back. Because of this you perform well and you enjoy what you are doing.

From only being able to talk about your ex

You feel guilty because you continuously talk about your ex and your pain. You are starting to notice that some people have no patience for this anymore.

To loving and caring friend

You talk in a healthy way about your pain with your friends and family. After some time this need will disappear. Your relationship with the people around you is strong and intimate, because you share the way you feel and you are clear about what you need from them.

From doubt about going back to your ex

You are endlessly doubting if you shouldn’t try to save the relationship. Or you are sure you want to try again, but your ex doesn’t want to. You go crazy with this feeling of uncertainty.

To clarity and direction

You have clarity. Whether you go on together or not, you will need to say goodbye to the relationship the way it was. So that there will be a space to create something new.

From listless and sick

The pain, your sadness, anger and the intensity of all these emotions suck you dry. In this condition it is really hard to take care of yourself. This results in being sick more often and feeling listless a lot.  

To strong and healthy

Because you process your emotions in a healthy way, you are energized. Your immune system becomes stronger. You are able to take care of yourself again, you are eating healthy, doing sports and more often things you enjoy.

From fear and uncertainty about the future

Because you don’t know what you want, you lost yourself and your plans for the future with your ex are no longer there, you feel lost. Sometimes you feel indifferent about the future and you have no energy left to think about this.

To knowing who you are and realizing your desires

You feel love for yourself, you listen to your body and you are able to feel your true desires. Because your focus is on your own life, you are following your hearts desires and do what you want, you are deciding your life’s direction.

From looking back on your relationship with pain and sadness

Now you mostly feel pain, sadness and anger when you look back on your relationship. Some moments you long for the good moments, but mostly you try not to think about it too much.

To acknowledging and appreciating what your relationship brought you

You look back with love and clarity and you know why you were together, what it gave you. Because of this in the future you will choose better, healthier and more loving relationships, which fit in with where you are at in your personal growth.

From recurring problems in your relationships

The problems you had in your last relationship, were the same problems you had in the relationship before that. And the relationship before that.

To the relationship you truly desire

A relationship that ended provides you with the opportunity to learn from this relationship. Are  you always attracted to the same type of man or woman, or do you often encounter the same type of problems in your relationships, then this is the moment to realize why this happens. And to stop this.

From being stuck in pattterns

The changes you have tried to bring into your life were really hard to maintain. Patterns hard to break.

To lasting transformation

Because you allow your desires to exist, you relate in a loving way to your emotions and you actively give love to yourself, the way you relate to your life changes and the transformation is lasting.

From a closed off heart

Your heart is closed. If you would start a new relationship right now, this would not be based on true love, but because of a missing, a need.

To an open heart

You have truly said goodbye to your ex and your relationship. Old patterns have been broken and your pain is healed. Because of this your heart will recognize true love and will open itself for this.

Unbreak Your Heart is powerful!

Clients are very satisfied: they feel safe, completely accepted and experience a major transformation.

Tantra and modern science

The program Unbreak Your Heart is based on the holistic and effective VITA™ coaching methodology, by Layla Martin. This way of coaching is based on Tantric and Tao wisdom and traditions, mixed with modern science.

I do the practices every day to be happy and balanced.

Unbreak Your Heart is so effective, I use a 100% not happy money return guarantee.


To heal your heart with the program Unbreak Your Heart consists of three simple steps

Step 1

Saying goodbye

We say goodbye to your relationship and your ex. We do this through meditations, visualisations and rituals. To truly say goodbye helps you to return to a happy life, take back control over your life and be open for a new love.

Step 2

Balance your emotions

We balance your intense and all over the place emotions. We do this with physical practice, breathing practices and by developing a new way to relate to your emotions. To have balanced emotions will help you through your day to feel solid, to stay in connection with the people around and to make healthy decisions that help you in your life.

Step 3

Love yourself

Together we teach you how to love yourself. We do this with meditations, by working with the energy of love and by recognizing destructive thought patterns towards yourself. A loving relationship to yourself will result in feeling strong, independent and happy, will help you love other people more truly and to raise the bar for the people around you. 

It is scary and exciting to decide to deal with your pain:

“I am going to change”

I’m with you every step through the whole process. Between sessions I will be available in the background to support you with everything that comes up. I teach you how you can provide yourself with safety and love, so that you will be stronger and at the end of our collaboration you will be able to comfort yourself and draw on your own strength. After this program you will be so strong, you will no longer need me and you can get what you need from yourself and the people around you.

You can do this!

5 Good reasons to let your broken heart be coached by a love coach

1. If you want to transform your life, a coach is the way to go!

Most people think their broken heart will heal with time. Although this is sometimes the case, most often we just push down our feelings and numb and harden ourselves a little bit. If you truly want to heal and be open to new love again, and if you want to use this deep pain to transform more parts of your life, guidance from an expert is the way to go!

2. You can do this!

The fact that you have been carrying this pain shows that you are strong enough to start the healing process. You have shown already for so long that you can bear a lot of sorrow. For you this program is going to be a piece of cake. Allow yourself the growth and development that is possible when you let yourself experience and process your emotions.

3. This is the moment to choose for yourself

It is hard to work on your pain, but now is the moment. Now you are looking for something or someone to help you. You no longer want to have to bear this pain alone and be entangled in your thoughts and emotions. And fortunately, you don’t have to! Choose the way up. It is lighter than the struggle you are currently in.

4. This program will create financial difference in your life!

The lack of concentration, focus and motivation means that you are not achieving anything. You are no longer productive, inventive or creative. In addition, you are now sick more often and have little energy. Your supervisor is not happy with you. You miss promotions. If you own a company, you are having difficulty in finding new customers and your company is not developing. Your broken heart is costing you money.

5. Giving yourself the time and space now to heal your heart will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run

All your thoughts and conversations are about your pain and sorrow. This takes your attention away from development and growth in your life. This program ensures that you bring back your focus on your desires, on the future and on doing the things that are important to you.

Who is it for?

Unbreak Your Heart is for you if:

  • You feel like your whole life is falling apart, you are losing control and nothing you do is getting you the desired change
  • You feel lonely, lost and miserable a lot of the time
  • You are stuck in recurring thoughts
  • Your friends are tired of your incessant talking about your ex
  • You don’t feel like you are worthy of love
  • You feel dependent on other for your happiness
  • You’re no longer productive at work, you deliver no longer good quality work and you’re just doing your time.
  • You no longer want to be single, but you know that you are not ready for a new relationship the way you feel right now.

What does the program look like?

In five one-on-one coach sessions of 1,5 hour, I help you heal your heart. In these sessions your desires are our starting point and we work with what blocks you, to realize these desires. With visualisations, breathwork and meditations I help you to connect to your body. Between sessions you will do practices and meditations at home. The homework will reinforce what you learn and discover during a coaching session. Clients experience this program as deep, healing and transformative. They feel seen and heard and powerful. My effective program will make sure that after ten weeks you will be happy and productive and you will have regained control over your life. 

The story of Unbreak Your Heart

Dealing with a relationship separation is hard. Mostly we haven’t learned how to process love sadness in a healthy and healing way. I see different unhealthy reactions with my clients and people around me:

Keep contacting their ex, so the pain and sadness last much longer than necessary. Looking for distraction in work, a full agenda, series, food, drugs or sex. Immediately dive into a new relationship. As a result, the pain persists, the lessons from the previous relationship are not learned and the same patterns arise again. Tucking away the pain. This creates a closed heart and fear of entering into a new relationship.

I was one of these people, and it was terrible.

After every relationship break, I felt lonely, misunderstood, lost and desperate. I had failed again. I was afraid that I would never experience love, that I would never “succeed”. I did not want to feel my intense emotions and blocked them until they would overwhelm me. That often only happened after I had felt bad for days. I felt that I should not exaggerate, so I did not ask for help from friends. I felt so much, but did not dare to look inside at what it was, let alone experience it. That led to dissatisfaction with my work, my life and myself. I lost myself completely.

The last time my heart was broken was different. I had learned how to relate to my pain, sadness and anger, and let this move through me. This gave me strength. In the first few weeks I asked my friends for support, which made me not feel lonely. If I felt anger or sadness building up, I expressed this. Then I would have space to feel joy and love again.

I had decided to really say goodbye to my ex and the relationship. This caused more and more intense sadness, but also relief. Space was created for a new future. Because I did all of this, I got closer to myself and was most days able to create energy to work. I could also be there for my friends and family.

What I have learned is not difficult. You can also learn this.

I will teach you how to experience your emotions in a powerful and safe way. I will give you practices and help you find insights. You will learn to deal with pain, sadness and despair by using your own strength and self-love. In such a way that your emotions empower you instead of deflating you.

Because you learn how to handle your heartbreak, you will be bold enough to open your heart for a new relationship. And because you are connected to yourself, you will only enter into healthy relationships.

Moreover, during the healing of your broken heart you can also process past wounds from your life. You will discover that if you deal with your love sorrow with attention and love, you can go through a real transformation.

And everything you learn in Unbreak your heart can then be applied anytime and anywhere.

All you have to do is register now for a free discovery call.


About me

My personal experience
I know how heart breaking love sickness is, how this impacts your entire life on a daily basis. I know now how to deal with this pain and everything that comes with it, so that it is acceptable pain. I wish for everyone with the same pain to be able to do this. I am convinced that everybody can heal his or her emotional wounds. It is my life’s mission to help people accomplish this.

Psychologist and licensed love and intimacy coach
I am a psychologist and have been coaching for more than ten years. I have completed various coaching courses. The final and most intensive training is VITA ™ Sex, Love and Relationship coaching at The Tantric Institute of Integrated sexuality of Layla Martin.

This training of more than 600 hours has taught me a special and effective coaching method. In this method I first practiced myself, what I am going to teach you. Through my own experience and growth I understand what it is like for you to go through this process and do these specific exercises. I have seen time and time again how powerful this method is, in which you change yourself from within. This is the key to lasting transformation.

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100% in the right direction

“I would recommend the sessions with Nina to anyone. Especially if you have the feeling that you are stuck in life or are going through a grieving process. I have really grown through these sessions. It is hard for me to describe what this has done for me, and as this is also very personal, you will really have to experience this for yourself. But Nina’s coaching sessions have brought me 100% in the direction I needed to go”.



Support and strength

“Like a ships rudder guiding the course of a voyage, Nina too works underneath the surface in support and strength… while above the surface winds of fortune and faith buffeted my sails and risked to change my course and even worse trap me in a engulfing storm, Nina unperturbed and working in the deep kept my heading true leading me to more quiet and peaceful waters… ships are safe in the harbour but that’s not what they are built for and having Nina as a guide and rudder she can help direct you to new horizons while empowering you in being the captain of your own life.”


Tree surgeon

Insight and tools

“Where other coaches are mainly active on a cognitive level, Nina knows how to make people feel again. I found the homework assignments to be very valuable and I experienced many doors open emotionally, in a short period of time. Her approach has made me feel more stable and less unbalanced. And now, if I feel I’m getting less stable, I can fall back on the practices and meditations.”



Restore your balance and strength. Feel loving and happy again. Reward yourself and choose for love coaching!

My program not only heals your heart, it starts an upward spiral of (self) love, connection, empowerment and growth. You will feel independent, full of joy, powerful and loving.

You will no longer feel like a victim, unhappy because of what others do to you. From today you will create the life that you want. You take control of how you feel.

If you look back in a few years, you will see that today, the day you decided to take on your pain and fear, your life took a new direction.

You and I together will create lasting transformation.

Unbreak Your Heart VIP

One-on-one coaching intensive VIP
  • Deep, transforming coaching sessions that teach you to connect to your body and integrate unprocessed blockages
  • Rituals and meditations that allow you to say goodbye to your relationship
  • Physical practices that teach you to feel what your body needs in the moment
  • Visualizations that make you feel what you desire
  • Homework assignments that bring about fundamental changes in your body, giving you more control over your life
  • Guidance in between sessions
  • Breathwork session 1 (value of € 299,00)
  • Breathwork session 2 (value of € 299,00)

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