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Tantric coaching for lasting transformation
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Time for change

Do you think that life can be more fun, more real and more connected, but are you unable to achieve this?

Are you unsure about who you are and are you mainly guided by what you think other people think of you?

Do you live mainly in your mind and do you find it difficult to make decisions?

Do you feel like your relationship could improve and are you aware that you are keeping this from happening?

And do you think it’s time for a change?
I can help you!

Focus on empowerment

All my coaching packages are aimed at increasing strength, emotional stability, self-confidence and daily happiness. In addition, we’ll work on your personal goal.

Every session we strengthen your self love and personal power. We use the wisdom of your body to discover how your subconscious is holding you back from achieving your goals. As a result, we do not get stuck in the cognitive story, but go straight to the essence. We solve the blocks.

Embodied change

Intense experiences and ingrained patterns are often deeply locked up in the body and brain. Talk therapy contributes to understanding yourself, my body-oriented coaching also achieves the physical release of old pain and changes the pathways in your brain, so that patterns can be broken.

Trauma sensitive

My coaching is trauma sensitive. This means I can help with most traumas. Trauma is often locked in the body: my way of coaching helps to release the physical and components, while feeling safe and supported. We go step by step at your pace. In this way your body learns to trust and let go.

My approach

We always work towards realizing your desire and discover what has been blocking you. We create a relationship with those blocks to set them in motion. In addition, we do meditations and breathing exercises, to connect to your intuition.

Connecting to your body
I teach you to reconnect with your body, to learn to listen to what your body has to tell you and to choose a loving relationship with yourself. It will become clear what you want in your life and how you can empower yourself to achieve this.

Breathing, movement and sound
I teach you to use your intention, breathing, movement and sound to feel your emotions in a healthy and even nourishing way. This allows you to feel your sadness, fear and anger of the moment in a safe way and in a planned moment and you learn to let go of old emotions.

Life coaching
I can help you with small and large issues, such as jealousy, shame, insecurity, fear of commitment, fear of separation, existential loneliness and grief. The tools you will learn will be useful for the rest of your life, so that you will feel strong and more than capable to handle life’s challenges. 

How does it work?

Book a free discovery call

Together we will explore your desires and challenges in an 30 minute session. In this way you can get to know me and my method and we will get a good idea of the benefits of working together.

You can either visit me in Amsterdam or meet me through video conference. 


Choose your coaching package

Depending on your desires and goal, I will advise you about which package best fits your question. You can choose to work with me for two, four or six months. Together we will decide what is feasible and desirable. Whatever package you choose, I will tailor the content to fit you personably.

Realize your desires

To realize your desire, at the start I will outline a plan with a clear focus. During the process we will always incorporate how you feel and what’s important to you in that moment. At the same time, we will continue to monitor the end goal. Together we will decide when your desire has been realized.

Two-month coaching package

Do you have an urgent question where you want quick results? Are you really not feeling happy and do you want to return to a more balanced life as soon as possible? Or do you have a (seemingly) small problem for which coaching seems too big?


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This package consists of five coach sessions of 1.5  tot 2 hours in two months. In between, you will get homework assignments which help you integrate everything you have learned in the sessions. This homework consists of practices, meditations and assignments.

This package is for you if your patterns and blockages are quick and relatively easy to solve. We will quickly get to the core and will be able to create motion easily. Choose this package if you want intensive life coaching and quick results.

Four month coaching package

Do you suffer from bottlenecks that have been bothering you for some time? Would you like to feel more and think less? Is your life pretty fun, but do you want it to be better, more intense, more beautiful?


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We go from it is not going well, to it is going well, to it is going freaking fantastic. Four months gives us time to dig deep and discover the essence of your blockages and to bring you back in your power.

In the four-month coaching package you will receive eight coaching sessions. Each session lasts 1.5 hours to 2 hours. You will also be given assignments to do at home between sessions. This ensures that what comes into motion during the sessions becomes integrated in your body and thereby brings about a lasting and solid transformation.

This life coaching teaches you how you can approach life, in a way that you will realize your desires.

Six month coaching package

Do you have deep-rooted patterns that you have been struggling with throughout your life, gone to therapy for and still feel that it is unsolvable? Do you notice that this stops your growth in all areas of your life?


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In six months we take the time to peel layer by layer to get to the core. Often patterns have arisen in childhood and this needs a lot of integration time to achieve lasting change. We gradually reinforce your self love and strength from within. By taking the time, you can tackle what is holding you back in all your areas of life.

We have a session every week for the first month. In month two, three and four every two weeks. We plan three more sessions in the last two months. This means a total of thirteen sessions. All sessions last 1.5 to 2 hours and I give you assignments to work at home between sessions. This ensures that what comes into motion during the sessions becomes integrated into your body and thereby brings about a lasting and solid transformation.

Choose this package if you need deep, intensive life coaching.

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