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The magical effects of breathwork

Do you know this feeling of full relaxation? The feeling of incredible joy, ecstasy and a deep sense of peace? The certainty that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be in your life? That you are capable of anything and everything?

Breathwork gives you the opportunity to pro-actively create this in your life. By using your breath you can create a trance-like state where you will be able to perceive your feelings and thoughts very clearly. Breathwork will help you let go of old trauma and pain and open you up for more love, connection and ecstasy.

Come breathe with me and change your life.

Why would you want to do breathwork?

Healing emotional pain and trauma
Breathwork is a powerful tool that can help heal from emotional pain and trauma and brings peace, joy and ease. It helps to know and understand oneself better.

Experiencing safety in feeling emotions
Additionally, breathwork demonstrates that it is safe to feel emotions and that by allowing to feel them, it returns the control over these emotions to you.

Strength and trust
People are often scared that when they allow their deepest pain, their biggest fears and the most intense anger to be felt, they will irreparably break or even die. For someone to physically feel the exact opposite of this, brings about a sense of strength and trust.

Existential joy, love and ecstacy
Breathwork can also expose an innate feeling of existential love, joy and ecstasy. To know that this is always accesible creates a strong base of self trust.

People who have done breathwork reported experiencing

  • Processing of emotions
  • Healing of emotional pain and trauma
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • An increase in self awareness, confidence, and self-esteem
  • Increased feelings of surrender, flow and pleasure
  • Increased feelings of love, connection and joy
  • An increase in clarity and vitality
  • Deep relaxation, ease and inner peace
  • Moving through energetic and physical blocks

What is breathwork?

Self-exploration and personal empowerment
Breathwork is a powerful tool to self-exploration and personal empowerment that relies on our innate inner wisdom and its capacity to move us toward positive transformation and wholeness.

Trance like state
By using a deep connected belly breath a trance like state is reached, where feelings and insights are very clearly perceived.  Breathwork helps to let go of old trauma and pain and opens people up to more love, connection and ecstasy.

Originated with different cultures around the world
In different cultures around the world, people have been using breath as a healing tool. Psychologist and LSD researcher Stanislav Grof, creator of Holotropic Breathwork brought breathwork to the West and made it popular worldwide.

Combination of Western science and Eastern spiritual practices
The theoretical framework of modern breathwork integrates insights from modern consciousness research, various depth psychologies, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions of the world.

What does a breathwork session look like?

First we start with…

a thorough interview, where we discuss your current life situation and explore your intention for the session. I will also explain what to expect during the session.

In the second stage..

you breath with the deep connected belly breath, while you receive one-on-one support from me.

By focussing on your sensations while using this type of breath you will come into some kind of trance state. This will help you perceive your feelings very accurately and you will gain insights about yourself and your life.

During this hour I will guide you deeper and deeper inside of yourself, while making sure you still feel safe and strong. In this stage music will be played. This can help you feel more and think less and will guide you in your process.

After one hour…

of the connected breathing I will bring you back to a regular breath and you take rest while integrating the experience. You will feel ready to share after about 30 minutes. Then we look back together on your experience and decide on a course of action of how to incorporate the experience in your daily life.

We connect the day and a week after to make sure there’s a healthy integration.

A breathwork experience

“I am circling my body, using my breath to create a rhythm. Faster and faster I unwind, my breath is deep and intense.

It feels like there is a big lump in my chest, preventing me from breathing deeply. I focus on it and visualize creating space for it. It is hard, because my instinctual response is to listen to the resistance and stop with the connected breath.

I start humming to help me get into trance and it works. My hands and feet start to tingle, my focus strengthens and dizziness comes. I change my focus to the dizziness and immediately feel myself becoming more high, the trance becoming deeper. I enjoy this part, so breathing becomes easier.

I scan my body and feel a heaviness in my chest. It is a familiar feeling and connected to my fear of abandonment. I focus on it and soon I can feel tears coming to my eyes. There is so much sadness and so much fear in that part of my body. I keep rocking, keep breathing and keep humming. Some deep anguished cries come out. It is releasing but there is more, deeper.

I increase the pace and intensity of my breath. The fear becomes bigger and closer to me. Then I let out a sound and I can feel the tension in my chest being released by it. I keep sounding and moving and breathing, over and over again, until the fear has lost most of it’s force.

Then I can feel it’s time to lie down, so I do. Immediately my body relaxes and with it a new stage arrives. In my belly a warmth is spreading. It feels like my strength combined with joy and love. I breath in and out of that part of my body and visualize with every breath that it becomes bigger and stronger, until it is surrounding me. It feels so good that I need to moan, so I do. My moaning increases the feeling and it’s so good, so I continue moaning. I feel as if I have become love or joy or both. Waves of pleasure wash over me, again and again.

My whole body is tingling and singing and I have never in my life felt this relaxed. I listen to the music, relax even more and then I have no thoughts left. I am floating in pleasure and peace.”

My unique approach

A breathwork session can change the way your relate to yourself and the world around you. Because of this it’s very important to take enough time for you to feel safe and up to a life changing experience before we start. A lot can be released in a session and it’s important to be prepared for how this will influence your daily life.

During the breathwork session I watch you very closely. This way I can see when you need to be left alone or when you need to be guided deeper. I use music, touch and movement to guide you to the places it’s hardest to go and make sure you keep feeling safe.

A breathwork session with me is deep, transformative, safe and loving. Come experience it for yourself!

The breathwork session was a very special inner journey. It amazed me, that by giving space and attention to my emotional pain, it disappeared. I felt like I was floating and my whole body was vibrating. I felt the wisdom inside of me: My daily struggles are so insignificant compared to the greatness I experience in this moment. I felt how disconnected I am from my emotions in everyday life. I am just busy in my head. I became aware that it doesn’t matter what I do, as long as I stay close to myself.


Beforehand, as always, I was a bit apprehensive. Once we got started, I realized again how incredibly powerful and healing breathwork is. Joy, sadness, doubts: everything could exist there without interfering thoughts, raw and pure. By moving through all of this, there was also room for a different feeling, a deep sense of peace and joy. Nina was supporting me, holding me when I needed it. She senses exactly when you need her breathing with you, her (physical) support or arm around you. At the end of the breathwork, I felt like I was connected to the world and the people around me in a very different, more real way.


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Frequently asked questions

I’ve seen other breathwork sessions for one hour. Isn’t that enough?

To be able to go really deep and create lasting transformation it is necessary to apply the connected breath for a longer period of time. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the trance-like state where the real change happens.

One hour sessions also include introduction and integration. Therefore there wouldn’t be much time for the connected breathing.

Additionally, the deeper you go during the session, the more time you will need when returning to your regular breath to come back to your normal state.

Lastly, the introduction and preparation in part one and the physical and mental integration in part three become much more effective when allowing enough time.  

Not taking enough time might lead to feelings of restlessness and unwanted lingering of emotions.

Why breathe with me?

I was trained by Layla Martin at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and have spend hundreds of hours guiding people in private and group  breathwork sessions. Additionally, I am a certified tantric sex, love and relationship coach and I use a lot of breathwork practices in my coaching sessions.

I facilitate private three hour sessions. This is necessary to prepare you for what to expect during and after the session, to facilitate a safe and powerful session and to help you integrate these experiences in your daily life.

Are there different types of breathwork and what do you offer?

There are many different breathing practices, originating in yogic traditions. Most of these are nasal breathing, and would be called a form of pranayama.

The type of breathwork I use is an open mouthed connected breath and is applied differently from nasal breathing. In the course of time people have created different forms of open mouthed breathwork, like Holotropic breathwork and re-birthing. In my experience, although the approach is slightly different, the aim and result are fairly similar and the person guiding you has more influence on the session, than the chosen approach. 

I was trained by Layla Martin and use an approach that is mostly similar to Holotropic breathwork.

What are the advantages of a private session over a group session?

Private sessions are often very deep and transformational. We are able to access and release the essential parts that are holding you back in your desire. I change the music to to fit with the stages you go through and help you move through blocks, deeper and deeper inside of you. Because of my continues focused support you are able to go to the most scary parts of yourself and do what is needed to create movement around them.

In a group session there is much less personal guidance, so you’ll need to be able to fall back on yourself. Group sessions can be great to understand what breathwork is and they can be amazing experiences. The energy of the group influences the participants. Sometimes this creates powerful sessions, sometimes other peoples process interferes with you own.

I think I want to do breathwork but also feel some fear and resistance. Does that mean the time is not right yet?

No, you will probably always feel some resistance. I still feel resistance every time I do breathing practices. Resistance just means that a part of you is scared of what you are going to do. The promise of deep transformation will raise resistance in some parts of you. Just because some parts like the safety of the status quo better than the risk of becoming worse.

Most likely, you will feel a lot of resistance before and during the breathwork session. Resistance will show itself in many different ways, but always in the shape or form that will convince you. Resistance is the accumulation of all of your defence mechanisms shaped over the years and knows you very well. Resistance might show itself in thoughts (this won’t work for me, this is bullshit, today is not a good day, I am too tired, I am sick, I am not strong enough), in sleepiness, forgetfulness and other ways I am not capable of imagining.

Often we don’t like our resistance and we resist our resistance. Funnily enough our resistance grows when we resist it. The trick is to accept your resistance and even to be curious about it. Resistance shows us where the potential to change is, because your subconscious deems it worthy of fierce protection. Resistance shows you the way to healing. 

What's the open mouthed belly breath?

It is a form of breathing in and out through your mouth, with no pause between the in- and exhale. The breath goes all the way to your belly. This breath will be the vehicle on which you move deeper into your body.

An intense and faster yang breath is used to move through the first resistance, release some control of your mind and break through blocks. We apply a softer and slower yin breath for most of the session to keep you safe and balanced. I will keep a close watch on where you are in your process to help you keep the right rhythm of breathing for you in that moment. 

What are pre-existing conditions that could affect breathwork?

There are a few physical conditions where you want to be careful. Let me know if you have (had) any of the following:

Psychoses; Schizophrenia; breathing issues; cardiovascular issues; high blood pressure; history of aneurysms; osteoporosis; recent physical injuries or surgeries; severe psychiatric symptoms; vision issues and pregnancy (now).

We will discuss your personal situation and adjust the session accordingly.

What is the physical experience during breathwork?

While using the connected breath, you will feel a lot. Most of this will be the physical sensation of the emotions, but there are also some purely physical effects. None of it is harmful and it will all disappear soon after returning to your regular breath. You might experience dizziness, tingling in your body (mostly hands, feet and face) and tetany. Tetany is a cramping of different body parts and is often a sign of the conscious mind having trouble of surrendering to feeling. The dizziness and the tingling can be very pleasurable.

 Your body might want to make sounds or move and while in the breathwork session, we let the body do what it wants. You might want to sit or lie down, shake or be very still.