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Your relationship with yourself becomes very good. This is because you will love everything in yourself. Not because you have to, but because you feel this deep inside. Your inner voice will become loving and positive.

Your relationship with your emotions becomes stable. This is because you are no longer afraid of them and you are able to choose how you relate to every emotion.

Your relationship to your thoughts becomes free. By this I mean that your thoughts no longer control and direct you. You understand that your thoughts are only thoughts and not truths. This insight frees you from their grasp.

You are able to make and keep yourself happy. Your emotions no longer make you feel down or depressed, but are like the weather, which you can protect yourself from or enjoy to the fullest.

You feel balanced, happy, purposeful and peaceful on a daily basis. Life is not a struggle, not difficult, but flows in the direction you desire. You are able to enjoy even the difficult and painful moments.

You will feel alive!

Tantric philosophical principles


You are consciousness
You are not what you are raised to believe you are. You are not your ego, thoughts and emotions. Awakening is understanding the idea that you are the presence and consciousness within you.

Every day awakening
A big part of the Tantric practice is that you don’t have to put your awakening
on hold until the circumstances are seemingly perfect – you can do it right here and right now in everyday activities.


Social conditioning
Social conditioning and our ideas of ourself hold us back. We create a prison of taboos, fears and discomforts in the unconscious. Liberation is the decision to be free of that which is not true to the truth of us.

Consciousness is unbound
Your consciousness is not bound to any specific ideas, trauma, race or gender. Not being liberated is about artificially constricting our being, aliveness and flow of energy to the ideas given to us by society and external imprints.

Liberation means aliveness
Liberation feels like meeting every moment with a sense of freshness and aliveness.

Everything has consciousness


Everything is God
Everything is One
There is divinity in everything
There is a unifying presence and consciousness in everything

There are stages in this:

Stage of uniquenss
Being completely yourself and fully inhabiting your divinity in the unique way that it expresses itself through you.

Stage of connectedness
That the consciousness of you is the consciousness of everything, means that everything is connected and this can be a wonderful feeling.

Stage of connection to
the formless ground of being
Which is the fertile emptiness that is the creation of everything, the source of everything.

Tantric principles applied to coaching


Breaking identification
A big part of tantric coaching is breaking the identification with your ego, thoughts and emotions. This means that you can choose to observe and influence them instead of letting yourself be ruled by them.

We are whole
We can feel broken, hurt and irreparably damaged, but this is not the truth of who we are. In the coaching we allow these seemingly broken parts to surface. By loving and accepting them they will integrate and this breaks the illusion of being broken. Healing is about allowing and loving all parts of yourself.

Observing your inner life is meditation. In Tantric philosophy, meditation can be practiced in everything you do: while eating, exercising, making love or just sitting in stillness.


Free from conditioning
In tantric coaching we become aware of our (unconcious) beliefs and see in what way they limit our growth, thriving and happiness. By recognizing this and choosing what we want to believe rather than what society has told us to believe, we can create the life and internal reality we desire.

Suppressing parts
One of humans strongest motivations is to be accepted and belong. This means that if we sense or are told that some part of us is not approved, we suppress this part and force it into the unconscious. Our lack of awareness gives these parts a big influence and power. In the coaching we get to understand and love our suppressed parts, this way they lose their control over us.

Create your desired life
Freeing ourselves from social conditioning frees us from living a life other people expect. We can choose to shape every part of our life. This is a big responsibility, but also releases us from being the victim of life’s challenges and shows how to be the creator of our life.

Everything has consciousness

Our body is alive
Everything has consciousness, means every part of our body has consciousness, both physical and metaphysical parts. The latter can consist of emotions, beliefs, or persona (the wise woman for example). It is possible to observe these and connect to them. The feeling of being our own worst enemey, comes from the opposing desires or beliefs these parts can have. Integrating them is the basis of healing and will lead to in- and external harmony.

Expressing uniqueness
To see the beauty and magic of who we are, plays a big part in coaching. Feeling different gives a sense of not belonging and being abnormal. Understanding that everyone is unique, lifts the pressure of having to be or act a certain way and creates space to allow who we truly are.

What is outside is also inside
Everything being One also means that what’s outside of you is also inside of you.  We try to change our context when we don’t like something, sometimes by asking people around us to change. While this can work, going inside and healing old wounds is much more effective.

Coaching by Nina Isabel is a combination of science and traditional wisdom

In addition to Tantric philosophy, I was trained as a psychologist (Utrecht University) and as a sex, love and relationship coach at Layla Martin’s Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. The method I use is called the VITA method. This method uses current neurobiological science, holistic healing, proven effective coaching techniques and combines this with age-old traditional wisdom. VITA stands for: The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach.

My programs are futhermore based on the Transactional Analysis by Eric Bern, which is a practical theory about behavior and communication. TA lends itself to training, coaching and self-development, aimed at understanding yourself better and dealing and communicating more effectively in work and private situation.

My way of coaching has been influenced by The School for Coaching in Utrecht and various (spiritual) teachers, including Eckhart Tolle, Teal Swan, Bessel van de Kolk and Shamanic traditions from the Amazon.

The combination of age-old traditions and modern science makes Nina Isabel coahcing so powerful and leads to lasting, embodied change.

Coaching packages

“Unbreak your heart”


“After the storm”

I have developed two coaching packages with a specific focus. Do you really want to be free of your heartbreak, or create a emotionally balanced life? Book one of these packages!

Monthly packages


Focusing on your desire


In addition to the two coaching packages, you can go through a personal trajectory with me, which we put together based on your specific desires and needs. In this process we choose one or more goals and we agree on the duration of the process. Some goals require a deeper and longer approach than others.

About Nina Isabel

Emotion and authenticity coach

With Nina Isabel you get the loving truth. I let you experience the beauty and power of facing reality. In safety and with confidence, I guide you through the challenges in your life, so that you can fully love and enjoy again, and face life with an open heart.

“I saw how strong I am and how much love I have inside me. I will never forget this experience and will be able to fall back on this for the rest of my life.”

“I had been with various therapists and coaches for about six years. I learned a lot there, especially theory. But I remained unhappy and did not know what to do with myself. Now that I am being coached by Nina, I finally have the feeling that I know what I can do myself to feel stronger and happier, and to get closer to myself. Of course, life still gives struggles, but I now know that (and how) I can handle them and I am no longer afraid of it. “



“I have gained new insights, learned things that I did not know about myself and received tools to deal with this. Because Nina works with visualisations and feeling, things come up which the mind often conceals. ”


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Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a coach?

Everything you do, can be done without a coach. The added value of a coach is that you allow yourself to grow, with attention, time and expertise.

It is like when you want to learn ice skating, you would take lessons, or when you want to master the guitar, you hire a guitar teacher, if you really want to excel at love, sex and relationships, you can hire a coach. And not because the coach has all the answers, but because she has expertise and together you can figure how you can realize your dreams and desires.

What is the difference between a psychologist and a coach?

A psychologist (just like coach) is not a protected profession in the Netherlands. This means that anyone without training can call themselves a psychologist or coach.

I studied clinical psychology, which means I am a basic psychologist.

A psychologist will give you therapy, a coach a coaching session or multiple sessions.

Therapy is based on a problem you experience in your life, preferably a diagnoses is made and then the focus lies on your childhood and the things that went wrong there.

A coach focuses on a desire and in the coaching examines that which blocks the realization of this desire. In coaching the main focus lies on growing resilience, strength, self love and confidence. Childhood will pass when it is clear that there needs to be healing, but most of the coaching will be about the here and now. 

A psychologist is bound by rules set by the professional group and health insurer. This is to protect quality, but leads to little and slow renewal, extreme regulatory pressure and unnecessary diagnostics.

The coaching method I apply uses the best of psychology, supplemented with the latest knowledge and age-old proven Eastern traditions.

Do you also give Tantric massage?

No, I don’t give Tantric (or Tantra) massages. There is no touching in the sessions. 

What is coaching by Nina Isabel?

I use the VITA ™ coaching from The Institute of Integrated Sexuality, by Layla Martin. This method is based on tantric philosophies. This takes the view that everything has consciousness and that by learning from this we can integrate our pain. The essence of who we are is love, we are not broken but whole and by accepting everything in ourselves we create peace, relaxation and joy in our life. Sessions are deep, loving and lead to lasting transformation!

How do I know if Nina Isabel coaching is for me?

If you

• are looking for lasting transformation

• are curious and open

• want to feel instead of think

• want to fully enjoy life

• are ready to empower yourself

• appreciate the beauty of living life fully and completely 

• are willing to work on yourself and desire open and clear feedback

• have already tried a lot of talk therapy, but still have not resolved the real issues

Book an introduction, to see if we match!

Why is coaching by Nina Isabel so effective?

Tantric coaching is a new way of viewing the world around you and yourself. It’s very liberating and put you in the drivers seat of your life. The coaching method I use goes deeper than conversation. It uncovers beliefs, emotions and trauma in your subconscious that unknowingly interfere with your happiness and integrates them, so you feel whole, strong and radiant.

Can I book a single session or only packages and trajectories?

You can do separate sessions with me. This is possible for desires that are more on the surface or if you desire clarification on different topics. We are able to initiate change in one or two sessions . Imagine your life, your choices have a scope of 360 degrees. Every session we shift a few degrees. Even one or two sessions will shift you a few degrees, and so these can create a big shift over a longer period. If you want to achieve a bigger change in a short timespan, then it helps to invest more time.

How do I contact you?

You can call me (+31 6 42755404), directly book an appointment (link) or send me a message.