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Evolve your relationship

with Tantric techniques
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Would you like to build your dream sex life?

With the special program I designed for you, you and your partner will consciously built the sex life you have always dreamed of, with Tantric techniques.

To create your dream sex life, you want to feel safe and loved in your relationship. The program gives you different practices to create more safety and emotional connection to create this container for sexual expansion. It also has lots of delicious sexual practices which will allow you access to increasing amounts of fun, ease, and intimacy in your sexual relationship.

In this way your relationship will become the place where you and your partner can thrive together. The result will be that challenges in your relationship will become an opportunity to create more intimacy, more love and a stronger relationship.

What does this program have to offer?

The program consists of different tantric practices, sexual and non-sexual, that help you create a loving space for your partner and you. The sexual practices are designed to expand your capacity for pleasure and teach you to surrender to the experience. Deep intimacy is also reached, by encouraging each others natural sexual expression.

In addition you will learn through Tantric techniques, how to hold space for your partner when they have any emotion. The tantric way creates a safe place where deep and honest sharing is stimulated. This will make you and your partner feel connected and seen. Creating deep, physical and emotional intimacy will expand your capacity to do this.

In what way will sexual practices help your relationship? 

Well, firstly, because it so amazingly pleasurable and a lot of fun. Secondly, because we have an amazing capacity for pleasure that is hardly ever completely accessed and you can learn how to access this. Thirdly, because a satisfying, pleasurable and intimate sex life will lead to all other aspects of your relationship to flourish.

How does this work?
Have you noticed that thinking a lot during sex is the killer of pleasure? Thinking happens when there is fear, shame, judgement, guilt, insecurities or trauma. In my program you’ll learn how to create a space to welcome all of these emotions in your partner and yourself. By allowing these emotions during sex, you’ll be able to move past them and let go. It will become much easier to focus on the sensations and be present with whatever pleasure is available for you. This is the bedrock of sexual pleasure and opens up your capacity for experiencing bliss and ecstasy.

Increase of pleasure
In addition, by using your breath, sound, movement, energy, focus, and intention you can intensify your experience. As a result of my program, the sensitivity of every part of your body increases, your awareness of your sensations grows and because of this, you are able to surrender to the experience as it emerges in every new moment. In bed as well as outside of it.

In the here and now

You’ll become more and more aware of the sensations you experience in the moment, instead of needing fantasies to become and stay turned-on and orgasm.

Love and connection

The practices ask of you to be open, honest and a consciousness of being present with your and your partners feelings and desires. This is vulnerable and creates intimacy, connection and love for yourself and your partner.

Dream relationship

By bringing consciousness to your relationship you will be able to create the relationship you always dreamed of. The tools will help you find limiting beliefs and let go of them.

Relaxation and surrender

Instead of working towards an orgasm, we let go of the orgasm goal. We create space to just feel and enjoy. Sex becomes in this way a surrender to the pleasure of the moment.

Horniness and pleasure

Using your breath, focussing on your sensations and having a heightened sensitivity, causes an enormous increase of horniness and pleasure.

What does this program look like? 

This 3 month program consists out of 5 sessions of 2 to 2,5 hours. Every session has communication, intimacy and sexual practices and a specific topic, designed to explore yourself and your partner in different ways.

During our digital or life meetings I will guide you through communication, intimacy and breathing practices. You will then practice these a few times at home, together with the sexual practices. The next session we reflect back on your private sessions.

We will use different techniques, like meditation, visualisation, breathwork and coaching.

My unique approach

These programs are about creating safety, emotional connection and openness in your conversations around sex. Additionally you learn a multitude of different new (sexual) techniques. Unlike other tantra programs, this program is not woo woo. The tantric philosophy and techniques are very practically applicable, explainable and you can often feel the result directly in your body.

My coaching is honest, reliable and loving. There is nothing you can say to me, that will shock me. I will not judge. My experience, sharp eye and clear communication help us to get to the root quickly and achieve fast and big effect. I will help you accept and approach each other with gentleness and love. We take the unveiled challenges together and you will find that on top of an expansion in pleasure, there will be more connection and trust between you as a couple.

Nina constantly turned our own misleading narratives into constructive, empowering stories, without any judgement on us or our relationship. She was able to connect our individual views, although they sometimes differed greatly. In this way it became clear where things stranded and how we could move forward.

Frank & Sophie

Thanks to the breathing techniques and increased awareness, touch has become much more pleasurable. The sexual practices have expanded the ways and the amount of pleasure we are giving each other. Learning to surrender to the moment and to just enjoy, gives so much satisfaction. The tantric practices makes us feel invincible. Sometimes this feeling stays for days, It’s an enrichment for body and mind.

Saskia & Leo

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Tantra according to Nina Isabel

Tantra is a collection of spiritual movements from India, in which (in some of those movements) sex played a role. In the 1960s, the sexual part of the Tantra was highlighted by various people and taken to the West. This is what we often know of Tantra and is called Neo-Tantra. In this program I apply the physical Tantric techniques to create breathtaking sex.

Much has been written and said about Tantra and Tantric sex. And even the various experts disagree about many things. An aspect of Tantra is (or can be) that you can choose what Tantra means to you in your life. For me, Tantra is mostly an integration of spirituality into my sex life.

Tantra is an holistic approach of life where your body, beliefs and desires play an important role. Tantric sex is about your experience, your bodily awareness and consciousness. Sexuality is not static, but influenceable. It assumes an enormous pleasure potential that we don’t really know and use in our western society. In addition Tantra shows you a way to support your partner to become the most empowered version of themselves.

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Frequently asked questions

We have a very good relationship, would this program benefit us?

Yes, when your relationship is very good this program can help you create more pleasure, intimacy and connection in your relationship. You will become aware of beliefs or patterns that stop you from coming into your full potential. The program then gives you tools to use this awareness to create the (physical) relationship you both desire.

I'm already amazing in bed, why would I hire a tantra coach?

The Tantric philosophy assumes an enormous potential of pleasure, to which you can purposefully connect and increase. We do this by applying techniques. It is a little bit like learning an instrument. You can teach yourself to play the guitar, become very good at this and get a lot of fun out of it. And you can go to a teacher who will teach you a different way of listening, a new way of playing and a focus on details that you had not thought of yourself. The same applies to sex. If you want to be the best, go to the expert.

How do we know if this program is for us?

Evolve your relationship is for you if you: 

  • Want to stimulate your partner to become the best version of themselves
  • Desire for your relationship to become more connected, intimate and joyful
  • Desire your sex life to be even better
  • Want to give your partner and yourself the best sex of your lives
  • Want your body to become more sensitive
  • Want to experience more pleasure
  • Want more fun and pleasure in your sex life
  • Want to create more intimacy in your relationship
  • Want to be able to receive shamelessly and ask for what you want
  • Want to give sexual pleasure without holding back
Do I need to be spiritual to benefit from Tantric sex practices?

No, you don’t need to identify as spiritual to benefit from the Tantric sex practices. The practices are very practical and hands on and easily done without any spiritual conviction. However, the practices origin from a spiritual religious tradition. This means that we work with chakra’s, energy and the wisdom of the body and you need to be at least curious to the possible effects of these ancient teachings. 

Do I need to be experienced with tantra or tantric sex?

No, you don’t have to have any experience. We start from the beginning and you master the exercises step by step. The techniques are not difficult or complicated, but require practice. You will get to know your own and your partners body better and better and you will be able to influence and move your sexual energy. You may experience blockages, fears or shame along the way. I will guide you in feeling and sharing these emotions.

Will we have sex during the sessions?

No, you don’t have sex during the sessions. I will guide you through the non sexual practices and explain the sexual practices to you. You will do the sexual practices at home with my guided audio. Then we discuss your experience in the next session and I guide you through obstacles that may have appeared.

Do you give Tantric massage?

No I don’t do Tantric massage. You will master the techniques so you can give your partner a tantric massage.